Question: 1.  Which of the following expresses the possible values of p,
                       if p is the perimeter of the triangle RST?
Question: 2.  Given the triangle is right.
                     The length of one leg is 4, the hypotenuse is 5.
                      What are the value(s) of sin(A), cos(A) & cot(A) subsequently?
Question: 3. The graph of f(x) is shown above.
                     Which of the following could be a domain of f ?
Question: 4.  If it is true that every precious stone is harder than glass,
                      which of the following statements is correct?
Question: 5. Cynthia, Peter, Kevin, and Nancy are tailors.
                     Each of them made the following number of skirts within the previous month:
                     What is the average number for this month?
Question: 6. What is the negative solution of this equation x^2 - 4x + 4 = 0?
Question: 7.  What is a value of (3/5 - 1/4)? Is it a decimal number?
Question: 8.  Set A contains only the factors of 21 that are greater than 1,
                        and set B contains only the factors of 48 that are greater than 1.
                        If set C is the union of sets A and B , what is the mode of set C?
Question: 9.  If a + b = 7 and a^2 + b^2 = 37, then what is the value of ab?
Question: 10.  If someone needs to cover the same distance, moving with
                        constant speed, the time of his journey and his speed are in indirect variation.
                        If walking with a speed 6 km/hour, someone needs 5 hours for the whole
                        journey, what will be the speed of his car, if he covers this distance by
                        car within one hour?
                        How long is this distance?
Question: 11.  Roberto travels from his home to the beach driving at 30 mph.
                        He returns along the same route at 50 mph.
                        If the distance from Roberto's house to the beach is ten miles, then
                        what is Roberto's average speed for the round trips in miles per hour?
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